Some weeks we spend heads-down planning, documenting, and designing. Some weeks we spend traveling to visit partners, host events, and make connections.

And some weeks…we do both.

20 Years of Design Interactive

The PALT Shaker (and other spicy things this week)Every Monday morning we have a virtual GSF staff meeting, where we all meet via video to talk about the week, discuss our tasks, and share pertinent information. The cool thing about doing these meetings virtually is that we can all be just about anywhere. This particular week, Steve Jones, the GSF Director of Partner Relations, left his new hub in the DC area and joined us from… Orlando!

Steve was in Orlando, and would soon be joined by GSF President Stu Bradin, for a few reasons, the first being the 20th Anniversary of Design Interactive!

Design Interactive is a GSF Small Business Partner based out of Orlando with a vision to “create human centered, metrics driven solutions, incorporating the latest in behavioral, physiological, and neurophysiological techniques.” We’ve visited their facilities a few times now, and we’re always impressed with the level of projects they are tackling and their unique approaches.

Their 20th anniversary event took place in their office, allowing attendees to get insights on their latest projects and get acquainted with their process.

As Steve said, “We received a very warm welcome from the DI staff and leadership. Everyone was in a celebratory mood, and food and wine supplemented our tour of the spaces complete with capability demonstrations. It was time well spent with friends, colleagues, Corporate Partners, and potential Partners.”

The PALT Shaker

If you follow the GSF, you’ve probably heard us mention PALTs. Acronyms aside, these are basically an open opportunity for the public to participate in a session with a government Program Executive Office (PEO) to get updates and ask questions about acquisition opportunities.

In short–if you want to do business with the government, they are good to attend.

We at the GSF are big fans of the PEO-STRI PALT in Orlando, which occurs almost monthly. Once Stu went to one installment he was hooked–and he’s been bringing GSF Corporate Partners to them ever since.

We aren’t sure if we can take credit for it, but as soon as we started attending and promoting the PEO-STRI PALT it’s been getting more and more crowded. As one regular told us this week, you used to have an easy guaranteed seat if you arrived around 0830… now if you aren’t there by 0815 you’re out of luck completely. #PALTshaker

The PALT Shaker (and other spicy things this week)
Jason Souza of PAE provides brief remarks at the GSF Huddle post-PALT.

This month we did something new and hosted a lunch right by the PALT venue immediately following the event. It was sponsored by PAE, a GSF Partner that has long focused on capabilities in aviation, capacity building, infrastructure, logistics, and a continuously growing list of valuable offerings.

PAE’s newly-transferred-to-Florida Jason Souza led the charge, providing some opening remarks about PAE’s capabilities. The lunch was casual and well-attended, with over 30 members of the GSF, Partner companies, and more coming together to discuss the PALT, GSF events, and partnership opportunities. 

We are excited to do this again for the PALT on October 16th… GSF Partners–standby for the email announcement!

Meetings for the Future

We try to make sure that all of our meetings have a purpose. We had two worth mentioning this week, the first of which was the GSF Programming Committee Meeting.

The Programming Committee meets a few times a year–in general we provide attendees with an overview of our upcoming events and ask for input and ideas. Since the GSF is a Partner and Member run Foundation, these meetings are very valuable to us.

The PALT Shaker (and other spicy things this week)
Susan M. Gordon

The meeting drove in a few new exciting points that were announced at the Modern Warfare Symposium… so if you missed them:

    1. Susan M. Gordon, the Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, will provide the Keynote Address at the Annual National Capital Region Reception on 14 November 2018.
  1. The Global SOF Symposium – US is moving to a new location in Tampa. We’re so pumped about this…click to see where we’re going.

We also had a great meeting with our newest Academic Partner — Norwich University. Our recent growth in this area–which includes DMGS and NFSTC@FIU, has inspired us to add our Academic Pillars to the SOF for Life program. It’s an addition we’re still working on, but we’re excited about it because it makes a lot of sense and will help so many members of the Active Duty / transitioning SOF community.

The Norwich call lasted over an hour. They told us about their programs, demographics, and provided some very impressive stats. We were so impressed to hear that 80% of their students are Active Duty Military, and that 68% of those students are from a list of specified SOF MOS’s. Norwich takes military experience and translates it to college credit–it’s very much worth your time.

Sims and Symps

On Wednesday, Stu and GSF COO Meaghan Keeler-Pettigrew headed to TRU Simulation, which falls under GSF Founding Partner Textron Systems. Stu and Meaghan were very impressed by what they saw, and can see potential for this company in some of our Partner Nations.

Stu was doubly excited to try out some of the TRU Simulators, and we’re told that he even made his own sound effects… to the tune of some “vrooooms” and “pew pews.”

The PALT Shaker (and other spicy things this week)
The beautiful Casino de Madrid, the Venue of the Closing Reception of the upcoming Symposium.

It was a cherry on top of a solid interactive week, and luckily the *only* other thing we had to do was prepare for a multinational event that’s occurring in Spain in just 10 days. Oh, wait…

The Global SOF Symposium – Europe is taking place on 25-27 September, and we’re very excited about the level of Spanish MOD Speakers and the growing list of exhibitors in Europe’s largest conference hotel (literally).

As with all of our events, you can register to join on the GSF Portal. And if you’re a GSF Partner–please don’t forget to use your complimentary promo codes (contact Steve if you’re missing yours)! We hope to see you soon, and let us know if you have any questions.

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