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Global SOF Symposium Spain will feature leaders from Spain’s MOD

The Global Special Operations Forces (SOF) Foundation hosts several Symposium events each year to convene the SOF and defense community. We’ve done one in Europe each year since 2016, and the 2018 event will take place in Madrid, Spain.

The Spanish Ministry of Defense is supporting this event, and has confirmed that high-level representatives will provide remarks throughout the event.

General de Ejército Fernando Alejandre Martínez, Spain’s Chief of Defense, will provide the opening remarks on Sept. 26, the first full day of the conference, and the Commander of Spain’s Joint Special Operations Command, General de División Jaime Íñiguez Andrade, will provide the closing remarks on Sept. 27.

In addition, keynote remarks will be provided by The Honorable Maria Elena Gómez Castro, Spain’s General Directorate of Defense Policy, on the morning of Sept. 27.

Spain’s Joint Staff Chief, Almirante Francisco Javier González-Huix Fernández, will also join leaders from the EU and NATO to participate in a government-only EU/NATO Joint SOF Seminar, which will take place in the Symposium spaces for a full day on Sept. 25. This seminar will mark the first official meeting for these two entities, and many participants will stay for the full Global SOF Symposium – Spain.

Opportunities for Networking

Global SOF Symposium Spain will feature leaders from Spain’s MODSince the Foundation hosts this three-day opportunity, it also features unique networking opportunities and an expo space for industry participation. Ample time is built into the schedule to allow attendees to discuss the presentations, make introductions, and tour the Exhibit Hall. The networking events at this Symposium will bring many new faces together.

This is a unique opportunity to meet directly with policymakers from many NATO nations; there are official representatives attending from thirty nations and counting.

This Symposium will take place at the largest conference hotel in Europe–the Madrid Marriott Auditorium. Conveniently located near the airport, this venue allows for a large exhibit hall. Defense companies with capabilities relevant to European SOF will have the opportunity to purchase exhibit space or sponsorship opportunities, all of which are detailed on the event website.

Why it Matters

Global SOF Symposium Spain will feature leaders from Spain’s MODThis is not the GSF’s first Symposium, nor will it be our last. We consistently convene the community to talk about current and future issues, build important and lasting relationships, and expose partner nations to new opportunities.

You can hear this from us, or you can hear it from past participants. Watch these videos, and we think you’ll realize it’s worth your while to attend:

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to join the global SOF community in Madrid, Spain, from September 25-27, 2018. Learn more on the event website, and register on the GSF Portal.

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