Why should a company join the Global SOF Foundation?

The GSF relies on strong corporate partners to function. Through corporate partnership,
a company will:

  • Support SOF at the strategic level and thus strengthen U.S and partner national security
  • Grow its network, both business-to-business as well as business-to-government/military (including operators)
  • Associate its brand with SOF and increase its exposure to the global SOF community through the GSF website, newsletter, social media, and events
  • Gain access to resumes of former SOF personnel for recruitment
  • Support an advocacy organization which offers active duty military and police free membership—on a global scale

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Why should an individual join the Global SOF Foundation?

If you’re active duty military or police, you can join for free! Others may join for $25 annually or $500 lifetime. As an individual member, you receive the following benefits:

  • Participation in a unique networking organization geared toward the global SOF community
  • Subscription to GSF newsletters and other media
  • Access to GSF forums, workshops, outreach, and other program at member-only rates
  • Access to the online GSF membership directory
  • Ability for former SOF to post resumes for review by corporate partners