Sponsoring or exhibiting at a Global SOF Foundation (GSF) event is a creative and memorable way to get your brand in front of the international SOF community! Review the options below, and please let us know if you have any questions about being a Sponsor or Exhibitor.

2019 Overarching GSF Prospectus

Event Sponsorships

This Prospectus includes the next major events of the 2019 Calendar Year for the GSF:

  • Modern Warfare Symposium and Expo, 19-22 NOV, Ft. Bragg, NC

Highlights from these events include new locations and added “demo” opportunities, so this will be a refreshing year full of new opportunities that we’re very excited about!

Want to learn more?: Contact Sales or see the Contract

2019 Modern Warfare Symposium & Expo

Event Sponsorships

This Prospectus focuses only on the Modern Warfare Symposium & Expo, which will be held in the hub of U.S. Army SOF and feature two demo days. Opportunities include:

  • Live fire range demos
  • Exhibit opportunities in multiple locations
  • Sponsorships like receptions, breakfasts… and more!

Interested in Sponsoring or Exhibiting?: Contact Sales or see the Contract