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Join or renew as a GSF Member (3-year or Lifetime Levels Only) and you get a FREE Ogio Endurance Pulse Workout Tee! These are high quality wicking tees, so join by 22 NOV 2019 to get yours!

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The Global SOF Foundation offers individual Memberships to anyone interested in expanding their SOF network. It’s only $25/yr, $50/3 years, and $500 for a lifetime membership. In addition, it’s free for Active Duty Military!

The benefits of the membership include:

Individual MembershipParticipate in a unique, active networking organization that is geared towards enabling the global SOF community
Individual MembershipSubscribe to the exclusive GSF newsletter, informative emails and opportunities for special operations community insights
Individual MembershipAccess to GSF forums, workshops, outreach, and other educational programs at discounted members rates
Individual MembershipInvitation to participate in subcommittees, task forces, special interest groups, and impactful working groups
Individual MembershipPersonal access to online GSF member and Corporate Partner directories
Individual MembershipSOF For Life Access: Where former SOF personnel post their resumes for potential hire by corporate partners (Learn More)

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