The Global SOF’s Inaugural Membership May

This May we ran our first-ever “Membership May” promotion

…and it went a lot better than we thought!

When we first formed the GSF, we averaged around 20 – 35 people joining every month. Membership has ALWAYS been free for active duty and $25 a year for all others – about ½ of what the other professional associations charge.

We switched systems about 18 months ago, and our membership dropped because the system was too complicated and didn’t always work right. That system is gone, and we have new system that is built for associations and it is doing well.

To celebrate, Membership May allowed new or existing members to purchase some discounted memberships during the whole month: 50% off of our Lifetime Membership ($500 $250) and 25% off the 3-Year Membership ($50 $37.50).

The Global SOF’s Inaugural Membership May

The online sign-up works great, but if anyone has any issues, please report them to and we will take care of it ASAP.

Are you a Member?

I talk to a lot of people and one of the first things I ask them is if they are a GSF member. Most are like me and they can’t remember. They often tell me they get “all of our emails,” but a lot of those promotional emails go wider than just members.

The Global SOF’s Inaugural Membership May
Our Members in action at the recent Annual Tampa Reception during SOFIC week.

Members get our quarterly newsletters, member-only emails, and the SOF for Life job openings–in addition to other perks for being part of our network. If you are not getting those and you think you should be, just email and Catlyn will check to see if you are a member or fix the problem. Things always get a little rocky during a software transition, so when in doubt–email us!

The Global SOF’s Inaugural Membership May

Here are the numbers from Membership May

These are new members –not renewals, so we are extra-happy to welcome the new members to this great network.

Total New Members: 88

  • Lifetime: 19
  • Active Duty: 18 
  • Annual: 13
  • 3 Years: 38

Over 50% of our members are active duty

We want even more active duty members, so we are really working to get the word out to get more to join the GSF. It is FREE for active duty and if you can help us grow the active duty membership, we would appreciate it. Once they are in the GSF they will have the means to stay connected to the SOF network.

The Global SOF’s Inaugural Membership May

SOF should understand the value of a network better than anyone, so please help us grow our membership so we can better advocate for the SOF community.

Send people here to sign up:



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