Every day is not a holiday... but today was!

Meeting American Technology Network, a GSF Partner

Every day is not a holiday but today was. American Technology Network (ATN) is a GSF Small Business Partner and they make amazing optics. About a month ago, Reza Sadeghi with ATN sent us four scopes to “tryout” to see how we liked them. To be honest Rick Lamb and I had been drooling over their thermal Thor 4 and their infrared (IR) day and night scopes because they had smart device technology in them.

Every day is not a holiday... but today was!

We have been traveling a lot, but Rick was able to get the scopes mounted on four different systems and today we fired and zeroed the weapons for the first time.

Every day is not a holiday... but today was!

Getting Tactically Technical

I am 57 and Rick is 60 and we have no idea what all of the buttons on our phones do so imagine us with that same technology on a range with weapons.

Every day is not a holiday... but today was!

The ATN optics are one-shot-zero if you read the manual, but as you might expect that would be cheating. We did end up reading the manual but it was not hard to figure it out and we zeroed at 25 meters and then at 75 meters with the 5.56. Rick had a 7.62 version that he zeroes out at 100 meters and that thing is lethal.

The Stu Review

I wanted to keep this blog short, but what I really love about this system is you can tailor it in so many ways that you would never be able to do with a non-smart system. You can select from a bunch of reticle shapes, the colors of the reticle….. I own a lot of optics and I love them all but shortly after buying them I always wish I could make a modification.

Every day is not a holiday... but today was!

I have never had the ability to sit on a range and just switch reticles to see how I liked each one as well as color. Different shapes and colors give you different capabilities and it’s all in one single system.

These systems have the ability to take photos and videos as well as voice so we intend on doing this in the future. We also intend on doing this with the Thor 4 thermal systems and we promise to let you know about this ATN system.

Try them for yourself

On 19 – 20 November 2019, the GSF is hosting a “Demo Days” event at The Range Complex outside of Fayetteville, NC, and the Fort Bragg folks will have the opportunity to shoot these systems.

If you want to know more about Demo Days go to the website at https://www.globalsofsymposium.org/mws.  

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