GSF Releases FY18 Report to Community

As the GSF moves into its fifth year, we have more capacity to provide feedback to our community–and especially to our Members.

We truly appreciate the 2,000+ individuals who have committed to being a member of the Foundation, be it as a Lifetime Member, Annual Member, Active Duty Member, or a Corporate Partner Member.

Although we have a small staff, we strive to provide Return on Investment (ROI) and value to those who have put their trust in us, so we’ve put together his report of our most recent fiscal year to illustrate, at a high level, what we did in FY18.

Our Fiscal Years run from the beginning of July to the end of June, and this was our busiest year yet. With record setting event numbers at both Symposiums, huge increases in Individual Memberships and Corporate Partners, and growing activity on SOF for Life and GSF Committees…we are very excited about where we’re going.

Click here to see the full report in detail… for the price of membership, we know that we are providing value to our members, and to our global community as a whole. However, we are always open to feedback–good, bad, or constructive… so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We want to make FY19 our best year yet.

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