We periodically highlight GSF Corporate Partners and what they do for the SOF Community. See the full list of GSF Corporate Partners here, and learn more about Expedition Aviation below.

Corporate Partner Spotlight: Expedition AviationExpedition Aviation is a GSF Small Business Partner!

Expedition Aviation is a UAE registered aviation company uniquely representing the market via joint-venture and shared ownership of a pool of Ukrainian and Georgian Air Operator Certificate Holders with a combined fleet over 40 aircraft. We specialize in eastern-built aircraft, with the MI-8/17 helicopter and An-26/28 aircraft being the primary workhorses for our passenger and cargo airlift operations. We provide the comprehensive package of airlift operations together with the high-quality project management and operational support, unique for the eastern aircraft industry.
Since 2014, we have supported various programs in Africa and the Middle-East supporting high profile international customers. On an annual basis, Expedition Aviation operates an average of 10,000 flight hours for a combination of passenger, cargo, and combi operations throughout Africa and the Middle East. In Afghanistan alone, we have accumulated over 60,000 block hours across our fleet carrying in excess of 50,000 passengers, baggage and cargo while ensuring an impeccable reliability rate.

Corporate Partner Spotlight: Expedition AviationIf you are at the planning stage of your project or preparing your bid, we stand ready to become your aviation wing.

We will assist you with expert advice and contribute our competences to your planning or proposal.

Our know-how will help you precisely price your services to stay competitive while receiving the aircraft and crews best suited for the mission. We provide unique capabilities for each contract and strategically align each mission with the aircraft and crew composition required. Our core competency is fast planning, training, deploying, management, and execution of each job as precisely planned.

Want to learn more?

For more information, contact abriggs@aero-expedition.com or go to https://aero-expedition.com/.

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