In the United States (and many other Nations), Veterans Day is celebrated every November 11th to commemorate those who have or are currently serving in the military. At the Global SOF Foundation, we have well over 75 years of military service on our Staff, so we asked some of our teammates to share their feelings on Veterans Day.

COL (Ret) Stu Bradin (Global SOF Foundation President and CEO)

To most people, Veterans Day is just another holiday that often goes uncelebrated. But it’s an important holiday, and I want to do what I can to make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Last week, I visited Pizzo Elementary, a Title 1 school on the Campus of the University of South Florida. Pizzo did a huge celebration and invited veterans to come and let the kids honor them. My daughter teaches 3rd grade there, and I brought some other legends with me: CSM (Ret) AC Coley, CSM (Ret) Mark Clifton, and COL (Ret) Mark Rosengard. We had a blast!

Veteran's Day... from our Vets!
(L to R) CSM (Ret) Mark Clifton, Stu, CSM (Ret) AC Coley, and COL (Ret) Mark Rosengard.

Many people use Veterans Day to honor those who served but I love Veterans Day because it gives Vets a chance to tell kids how much the military helped them become who they are. We all joined the military as kids with a fire to do something bigger than us and the military allowed us to grow and mature while serving this great nation. The military is the last social ladder that allows people to join, and if they can do what they are told and work hard then they will do very well. To a kid from a hard life, the military offers the world and I love encouraging young people to join.

Veteran's Day... from our Vets!
Stu’s oldest daughter, Bailey, and her students.

The kids at the event did a great thing and I hope that one day they have the opportunity to attend an event for Veterans because they too served their country.

See more photos from Stu’s visit to Pizzo.

CSM (Ret) Rick Lamb (Global SOF Foundation Director of Government Relations)

Veteran’s Day for me has changed over the years. When I was young, we celebrated Veteran’s Day like it was still Armistice Day. My Grandfather fought in France during World War I with the 90th Division, so Veteran’s Day was a day to remember when Grandpa beat up the Kaiser! As I grew older, I realized that the bloodbath of World War I led to the unimaginable slaughter of World War II and set the conditions for the genocide of Mao’s Communist China and Stalin’s Socialist Soviet Union. We fought a not so “Cold War” that lasted over forty years. I remember when my Grandpa sent two of his sons to Vietnam in 1966, there was a nervous tension in the family that I did not quite understand.

Veteran's Day... from our Vets!
Rick Lamb’s Grandfather!

To this day, we continue to fight small wars through proxies as totalitarian ideologies seek to re-brand themselves, but always with the same predictable result – Power in the hands of an Elite few, more tyranny, more poverty, and more death.

It never changes – a bully will rise, and a Veteran will stand to stop him! We live in the most free, open, tolerant, and prosperous Nation the world has ever seen – if you don’t believe me, ask an immigrant and they will tell you! We live in Freedom because of the selfless service and sacrifice of Veterans and their families! They are a small percentage of our population and the majority are generational guardians, fielding the next cohort of protectors from the same Military Families.

Veteran's Day... from our Vets!
Rick attending a Veterans Day Ceremony at Ft. Benning this year.

Countless Veterans continue to serve after they take off the uniform. I see them everywhere, in Congress, in business, running non-profits and charities, volunteering at schools, and raising strong families. I’m particularly impressed with the young crop of Veteran entrepreneurs running companies like Black Rifle Coffee, American Freedom Distillery, Grunt Style Clothing, Nine Line Apparel, LegendBorne Sports Wear, War Fighter Tobacco, and Blanco Cigars. I could go on and on! 

They employ Veterans, provide a great product, and give back to the community. They are also happy warriors that keep a smile on my face through their videos and social media posts! They help keep the Tribe connected and grounded. Job well done!

Veteran's Day... from our Vets!
Rick Lamb on Active Duty.

This Veterans Day, take stock of Liberties you enjoy because a Veteran stood in the gap. Find a Veteran and say thanks, give them a hug, ask them how they’re doing! Re-new your commitment to Freedom and focus on the virtues that bring us together, vice the self-centered and often petty grievances that pull us apart. Make a Veteran’s sacrifice worth the cost to their body, soul, and family!

Happy Veteran’s Day to all you Warriors who’ve served and continue to serve! We owe you much! I am Eternally Grateful!

De Oppresso Liber!

Come hang out with some Veterans!

Stu, Rick, and a whole crew of Veterans and supporters will be participating in Modern Warfare Week just 8 days from now! It kicks off with Demo Days, which will be a fun and engaging opportunity at a live-fire range where we’ll get to test out vehicles, explosives, weapons, targets… it’s going to be a great time! 

That will be followed by the Modern Warfare Symposium and Expo on Ft. Bragg, which is co-sponsored by USASOC and includes some high level speakers.

Veteran's Day... from our Vets!

Both events are FREE to Active Duty Military and Government, but you do need to register to attend. Do that and learn more at the link below, and we’ll see you there! 

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