We’ve launched the Beltway Branch of the Global SOF Foundation!

Well, not exactly… but the Global SOF Foundation’s Director of Partner Relations, Stephen Jones, has moved to the Washington, DC area now that he graduated from his program at Harvard (!!). And since the GSF is a fully telecommuting force, this is as close to a Beltway Branch as we intend to be.

This is an exciting move, since around one-quarter of our Corporate Partners have their primary hub in the National Capital Region. Plus, even more have at least a satellite office in the area. It helps that it’s also the heart of U.S. policy-making and defense.

The Beltway Branch of the GSF is Up and Running

Needless to say, having a GSF staff member there is going to be a huge benefit!

First Visitor, One Week In!

Steve barely had time to find a townhouse for his family before they had to host their first GSF colleague. The GSF Director of Marketing, Chelsea Hamashin, needed to fly up to DC for a few meetings, so she became the first visitor to stop in at the Beltway Branch earlier this week!

The Jones Family doesn’t yet have furniture in the traditional sense, but Steve and Chelsea were able to get some collaborative work done from the “office” camping chairs. From that vantage point, they were able to join in on the weekly video staff meeting and work on final preparations for next week’s Modern Warfare Symposium.

The morning went by way too fast, and then it was time to hit the road for a few meetings.

National Capital Region Reception – A New Venue

The Beltway Branch of the GSF is Up and RunningThe first stop was at the venue for this year’s National Capital Region (NCR) Reception–the Crystal Gateway Marriott!

This event convenes the GSF’s NCR-based community for an evening of networking and a keynote address each November. After a brief foray into downtown DC last year, we’re moving it back to Crystal City. This is a new venue for the GSF, but we are fans of change and the opportunities it can bring.

Steve and Chelsea stopped in to check out the new digs, get ideas for decorating, and see the progress on some remodeling. Everything is looking good!

We are excited to say that we do have our Keynote Speaker for this event locked down, and we’ll be announcing who it is at the Modern Warfare Symposium… standby!

DMGS – A GSF Academic Partner

The Beltway Branch of the GSF is Up and Running

Our next stop was at Daniel Morgan Graduate School, or DMGS, which is an exciting and relatively new school in the heart of DC. With its defense focus, it offers three unique Master of Arts programs: 1) M.A. in National Security, 2) M.A. in Intelligence, and 3) M.A. in Managing Disruption and Violence. DMGS also offers a variety of Certificate Programs.

Steve and Chelsea met with Dr. Thomas Cynkin, Ms. Marya Pickering, and Mr. Griffin Wilson to discuss different ways DMGS can expand its student body and gain more name recognition in the region.

The Beltway Branch of the GSF is Up and Running

DMGS specializes in tailoring graduate degree programs to the specific needs of students who are serving or seeking a career in the US national security community. Their scholar-practitioner faculty impart and ensure understanding of real world events, and a strong cadre of visiting instructors supplements the classroom experience through simulation and presentation.

After a good conversation and a tour of the facility, it’s clear that this is an institution that cares about its students, values interactive discussions, and is heading toward a vibrant future! We are proud to have them as an Academic Partner.

The Beltway Branch of the GSF is Up and Running

Access to Defense Focused Events

Steve’s decision to move to DC is further validated by the prevalence of defense-focused events in the region. The first example came the very next day!

On Tuesday of this week, Steve was able to attend the 2018 Global Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Symposium & Exhibition in Bethesda, Maryland.

A number of GSF Corporate Partners were exhibiting at this event, to include Bren-Tronics, R3 Strategic Services Group, Point One, and Darley Defense.

The Beltway Branch of the GSF is Up and Running

At this intimate event, Steve was able to connect with all of the exhibiting Partners and learn more about their EOD-focused capabilities. In addition, they had the opportunity to discuss upcoming GSF events and projects.

As with many military exhibit focused events, this Symposium allowed Steve to see some of the newest tech in EOD and look for other Corporate Partners who might fit into the Global SOF network. With over 75 current Corporate Partners, the GSF is thrilled to be in a position now where we can be selective about which organizations we’d like to join.

The Beltway Branch of the GSF is Up and Running

Connect with us in the Beltway

Now that we have a dedicated presence in the greater DC area, we are much more capable of supporting meetings and events in the region. If you’d like to talk to Steve to learn more about your existing Partnership or see if becoming a Partner might be a fit for your organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Steve!

Stephen Jones, GSF Director of Partner Relations



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