Speed Networking, Unique Sponsorships, and More at Annual Tampa ReceptionEach year, the Global Special Operations Forces (SOF) Foundation convenes its members, corporate partners, and international SOF community on the Monday of Tampa’s annual SOF Industry Conference–better known as SOFIC. The 2018 event is occuring next week, on Monday, May 21st, with activities starting at 4:30 PM and continuing until 11 PM.

With new add-ons and networking opportunities, it’s a can’t miss event for anyone interested in SOF or Defense.

The most notable change for 2018 is the addition of a Speed Networking session. In the past, Speed Networking at Annual Tampa Reception was only open to Global SOF Foundation Corporate Partners. Now anyone can participate if registered in advance, and the format will be similar to “speed dating.” Each attendee will fill out a quick form highlighting the industry, role, and goals of other individuals he or she would like to meet, and through SpeedNetworking.com will be matched to eight other individuals. Each match will have six minutes to meet and engage in a fun and exciting environment.

Speed Networking, Unique Sponsorships, and More at Annual Tampa Reception

Another highlight of the event is the unique sponsorships that will be featured, namely the Title Sponsorship by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Many Global SOF Foundation Corporate Partners also sponsored top opportunities, including Axiologic Solutions, providing Local Beer Tasting, CACI, providing hand-rolled cigars, and Insitu, providing a Bourbon Tasting station that will feature American Freedom Distillery’s Horse Soldier Bourbon, among other options.

The International SOF Conference (ISOF) is an event that runs parallel to SOFIC on alternating years, and 2018 is one of those years. This means an increased contingency of SOF from U.S. Partner Nations will be in Tampa for the week, and many of them will attend the reception. Our four hour networking reception provides ample opportunity to meet and engage with many of our expected 800+ attendees, to include these visitors from other countries.

To avoid any lines, register in advance to amplify your participation in Annual Global SOF Foundation Tampa Reception, presented by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Please note that you will need to login to the Global SOF Foundation Portal to register for this unique event. You can learn more on the event page.

Note: If you have trouble getting registered, you can watch this YouTube video, or contact us at info@globalsoffoundation.org.

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