We introduced our new Customer Relationship Management System yesterday in Part 1 of this series. Read on to learn more:

Our New System & Us

The new GSF MemberSuite system has a robust set of capabilities that better helps us serve and connect our Corporate Partners and Members. For example, so many tasks that required hours of attention until now have been automated, freeing up more time for us to focus on human tasks…not hardware tasks.

Here’s just a few examples of how our new CRM is helping our team:

  • MemberSuite: A New Tool in the GSF Kit (Part 2)Interaction Tracking: Instead of maintaining multiple spreadsheets that make note of who we connected and when and where and why, this system has a simple tool for logging interactions–to include automatically drawing linkages to participating members or organizations.
  • Robust Reporting: Once again, we don’t have to paste and format data from multiple places to graphically visualize data anymore. The reporting system in MemberSuite can compare all types of information with just a few clicks, and the charts that are created are up-to-date to that second.
  • Event Tools: Our old CRM didn’t have any event planning tools; MemberSuite has an entire section dedicated to it. This brings us closer and closer to a one-stop-shop for all things GSF, better connecting all of our information and allowing it to communicate.
  • Dashboards!: Everyone loves a good dashboard. And more importantly, Stu loves a good dashboard. MemberSuite allows each staff member to select what we think is important and place it into a customized dashboard…allowing us to quickly see what is important to us and our jobs.

That’s certainly not every way that this new system is helping us–there’s much more, ranging from financial records to email automation to billing… it’s a new hub for the Foundation!

Tomorrow we will share the most important information about our new Member Portal… how it can help YOU.

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