It's beginning to feel a lot like I/ITSEC!

Two weeks ago, we facilitated a little event called Modern Warfare Week. 660+ people. 3 locations. 4 days of activities, ranging from explosives demonstrations to transition seminars, and everything in between. No big deal.

(But for real, it was a big deal, and you can read all about it here if you’re not caught up.)

And then last week was Thanksgiving, a U.S. holiday that calls for thankfulness and just…regular fullness. There’s a lot of food. After Modern Warfare Week, our team was ready for the break with our families, and we took advantage of that time.

But this Monday, it was back to work!

Extended Huddling at I/ITSEC

Since 2017, the Global SOF Foundation has hosted an informal networking social at I/ITSEC in Orlando. I/ITSEC, which stands for Interservice/ Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference, is the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training event. 

For that reason, it attracts many members of our special operations community, and since it’s so close to our GSF hub in Tampa, we like to make the trip over and bring people together.

It's beginning to feel a lot like I/ITSEC!
Thanks to all of our co-sponsors! Ready to kick off!

A few other organizations also jumped in to host with us this year–our Partners, Lukos and WWT, as well as VATC. We were thrilled to have these stellar companies on board, and especially for them to bring their extended networks to mesh with ours!

For the third year running, we hosted the Huddle at The Pub Orlando–a great venue right by I/ITSEC with a staff that is incredibly kind and accommodating every year. As always, they let us roam in early to set up our signage… and double check that the beer is good!

The event kicked off at 6, and from about 5:50 on we had a steady stream of people heading into The Pub. We easily had 125 people show up, and introductions and conversations were happening all over the place!

It's beginning to feel a lot like I/ITSEC!
See if you can find Stu! 🙂

As the event end time ticked closer, Lukos representative Garth Arevalo was first to make the observation: “This group isn’t ready to leave.” 

He was right! The crowd had barely thinned, and it seemed wrong to interrupt the great interactions that were happening. So all of the sponsoring organizations threw in a little more money to keep the engagement going!

From newcomers to long-timers, “Thank You” to everyone who joined us in Orlando!

See the event photos here.

Having a Blast at International Night

Every December, an amazing International Night is held at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. All of the Partner Nation representatives from SOCOM and CENTCOM come together and showcase their Nation’s culture, food, and history.

It’s both educational and really fun.

We’re honored to be invited to this event, and luckily this year Stu (GSF President) and Rick (Director of Government Relations) were able to attend.

It's beginning to feel a lot like I/ITSEC!
A journey around the world at International Night!

“It was a blast,” Stu said in a phone call as he was leaving base. And for once, we actually have the pictures to show it!

Stu and Rick aren’t typically our number one photographers, but with enough shaming from Chelsea (Director of Marketing), they really came together and got some solid shots this time!

Kudos to them, and thanks to all of the Partner Nations for making us feel so welcome. 

See all of the photos here.

New Releases this Week!

We launch a lot of new content and products, but we want to highlight two from this week…

First, we published episode #27 of our podcast, SOFspot! If you haven’t listened before, this is a good one to start on. 

Chelsea and Rick were honored to chat with MG (Ret) Ken Bowra, an American Special Forces hero whose service goes back to the Vietnam War. We recorded the podcast during the Modern Warfare Week Demo Days in a makeshift studio in a fifth wheel. It was fun!

It's beginning to feel a lot like I/ITSEC!

MG Bowra talks about serving with the MACVSOG– Military Assistance Command – Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group. He discusses different tactics used during recon missions, the importance of different types of equipment, and the brotherhood he had with the indigenous troops. It’s a very interesting conversation that dives into the real experiences of a Special Forces soldier in Vietnam.

Listen at this link here, or wherever you get your podcasts!

Second, we launched a new membership campaign: Light Up Your Holidays! For the month of December only, anyone who joins or renews their Global SOF Foundation individual membership will receive a FREE GSF Flashlight. 

This applies to all membership types–including the Free Active Duty Membership. Free + Free = What do you have to lose?!

Now is the time to become an active member of our SOF network… learn more here:

Come Celebrate the Season

Our final event of the 2019 Calendar Year is the annual Joint Holiday Social! It’s free to attend for Members of the Global SOF Foundation (so definitely join with the link above, if you aren’t a member already).

It's beginning to feel a lot like I/ITSEC!

It’s also free to members of our partnering organizations: AFCEA – Tampa/St. Pete, Florida Defense Contractors Association, NDIA-Tampa Bay, National Veteran Small Business Coalition, and Women in Defense – Greater Tampa Bay Chapter.

WHERE: The Centre Club, 123 S West Shore Blvd 8th floor, Tampa, FL 33609

WHEN: Tuesday, 10 DEC from 5-8 PM

COST: Sponsor Org Members  FREE | Non-Members  $20

Join us for networking and some holiday cheer! RSVP today!

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