In Spring of 2019, the Global SOF Foundation transitioned to a new Association Management Software (AMS). This isn’t the first time that we’ve changed systems, so we want to be as transparent as possible and tell you why and what impact it will have on YOU, our customers.

Why we switched systems… again:

When the GSF was founded in 2014, we were quite frankly a little clueless. We knew we needed a system to track and manage all of our Members and Partners, so we found a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that fit our budget and, we thought, our needs. However, it was more of a charity/donation-based software, and we learned quickly that there were many (many) options out there that had more tools and capabilities for professional associations. So, after a ton of research and demos, we took the plunge to transition to a new AMS.

We launched our new AMS for our Partners and Members at the beginning of 2018. There were some growing pains and bugs that needed to be worked out, and while things got better the system never got us to where we wanted to be.

Cut to late 2018: we officially decided to move on to system number 3, in hopes that this will indeed be the charm. We’re very excited about our new system, so we hope you like it!

What you can expect:

We are working to make this move as smooth as possible for our customers, but we do ask for your patience as we make this transition to our new system–Impexium.

If you have an existing login to our system, you may have to do some of the following:

  • Change or update your login password
  • Re-upload your profile photo
  • Update or confirm your employer and contact information

However, we’re excited to tell you that you should also experience the following:

  • A more user-friendly login experience
  • More straight-forward event registration
  • Improved user portal aesthetics and usability

Plus a lot more improvements on the back-end that will help us better serve our Members, Corporate Partners, and Event Attendees.

Login to the new portal now!

If you have any questions, please let us know at