Essential Items of Interest for European SOF

In my previous blog, I laid out the critical items of interest for several nations that are strongly supporting the 2019 Global SOF Symposium – Belgium in Brussels, happening from 1- 3 October. A lot of the “critical” needs are being addressed because the nations have forces deployed who are pushing those, so the largest category we have is the “essential” items of interest. 

Essential Items of Interest

The essential items of interest are generally being filled by aging equipment or fielded in limited numbers. Most nations are trying to get an understanding of what is available to replace these aging or limited capabilities. For the Symposium, we collaborated with three nations to frame their items of interest. The essential category is so large that I have broken it up into multiple blogs to ensure people read and digest them. 

This is the first round of essential items.

I know everyone attends various tradeshows and events, but I think this approach is unique and worthy of industry support. These nations have money, they are growing their SOF, and they are serious about making their forces better and more interoperable. 

Everything you want to know about the Symposium in Brussels is on our website at Check it out.


  • Lightweight Off-Road Vehicle – Capable of carrying up to four SOF operators and their equipment (100 pounds per person) with 1 – 2 light machine guns, operating in all types of terrain and extreme climates, and of being loaded into a helicopter or sling loaded and with a range of 400 miles before refueling. 
  • Low Profile Antennas for LOS, SATCOM, and ECMS for NSCV – Antennas that can be hidden on/in/around the vehicle to appear almost non-existent while still effectively transmitting desired frequencies at specific power levels.
  • Lightweight Transparent Armor for NSCV and GMV 1.1 – Novel lightweight and cost effective technologies that can replace current heavy transparent armor solutions on vehicle platforms.
  • Low Visibility Transferable Armor for NSCV – Armor materials that can be transferred and integrated from one NSCV to another with minimal manpower and in a minimal timeframe. 


  • Head-Mounted Devices – Weight-saving technologies or novel methods to move weight off of the head while increasing target identification capability. 
  • Handheld Devices – Size, weight, and power-enhancing handheld VAS commodities, as well as novel multi-spectral capability, increasing target identification in all environments. 
  • Weapon-Mounted Devices – Size, weight, and power-enhancing weapon-mounted VAS commodities.  Integrated Multi-Spectral Night Vision Optics – Integrated with small arms and major weapons systems; ability to sense environments in zero light and degraded visibility
  • Target-Acquisition Accessories – Reflex sites, red-dots, etc. that enhance the use of standard scopes and allow for faster target acquisition on both pistols and rifles.
  • DSA (Dismounted Situational Awareness) – A dismounted situational awareness system (data bearer, end user device and battlefield management application) with an integrated data hub and power management device is becoming the standard nowadays in the SOF community. Augmented reality devices to enhance operator’s SA are being developed at high speed and will be fully (day and night) operational shortly.
Essential Items of Interest for European SOF


  • Signature Reduction for Small Arms – Sound/Flash mitigation technologies that are lightweight and effective. 
  • Advanced/Precision Sniper Rifle – A multi-caliber platform that can shoot 7.62x51mm, .300NM, and .338NM. to sub minute of angle out to 1500m.
  • Concealable/Low visibility firearms – Ability to provide personal defense in environments where visible firearms are undesirable. Technological and ergonomic advances in holstering and concealment clothing. 


  • Lightweight Ammunition – Ammunition that can reduce weight by at least 30% of the current inventory of common ammunition from 5.56 up to 12.7×99. 
  • Medium Caliber Precision Guided Munitions – Novel technologies and materials to increase combat effectiveness. 
  • Novel Breaching Explosives – For increased effectiveness and decrease in collateral damage (follow through).
Essential Items of Interest for European SOF


  • Armor – Novel technologies and designs that decrease weight while increasing level of protection. 
  • Helmets – Novel technologies and designs that decrease weight while increasing level of protection. 
  • Uniforms – Novel technologies and designs for heated clothing and gloves and uniforms that lower heat signature and detection from night vision optics. 
  • Extreme Cold Weather Clothing Systems – Additional clothing that can allow sustained operations down to -70 degrees F (-56.6 degrees C) for movement and -50 degrees F (45.5 degrees C) for static mission profiles. 
  • Maritime Combat Clothing – Optimized clothing system for maritime and cold weather maritime scenarios. 
  • Hot Weather / Jungle Clothing – Hot weather and jungle uniform optimized for heat and humidity. Insect repellency is built into the fabric for added protection against illness.


  • Point of Injury Care Capabilities – Products that align with tactical combat casualty care guidelines, including tourniquets, Individual First Aid Kits, Junctional Tourniquets, etc. 
  • Medical Intervention Devices – These devices streamline, improve or reduce difficulty for medical and non-medical personnel to provide appropriate medical interventions that include, but are not limited to Interosseous devices, cricothyroidotomy kits, etc.
  • Medical Monitoring Systems and Devices – These devices support monitoring and care of casualties for prolonged periods of time in austere or resource limited environments.
  • Enroute Care Systems – Systems that support prolonged monitoring, treatment, management, and evacuation in nonstandard platforms.
  • Soldier Worn Health Status Sensors – Provide health status situational awareness to Commanders.
  • Advanced Diagnostics Devices – Lightweight, easy use, highly portable, limited power consumption advanced diagnostic devices, including blood typing, ultrasound, malaria diagnosis, etc.
Essential Items of Interest for European SOF
  • Remote Surgical Suite – Lightweight, highly portable, remote tele-surgery capability that allows a doctor to perform surgery on a patient near the battlefield even though they are not physically present at the same location.

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  1. We can definitely assist on breaching as well as medical support for personal injury. We are also a SDVOSB.

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