Image49.jpg“Subsequently, the process of reorganizing and focusing special operations units will increase the number of SOF available to support Romanian’s SOF needs.  In the next few years, we seek to improve our special operations forces equipment.  In the meantime, we have been working on enhancing our relationships in the region.”

– General Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, Chief of Defense, Romania

General Ciuca said the above during his keynote remarks at the February  2017 Global SOF Symposium in Florida, where he also invited the audience to attend what he promised would be a “commanding and inspiring event.” That event is the Global SOF Symposium – Europe, and it will take place in the CHOD’s backyard (almost literally) in Bucharest, Romania this September.  His speech focused on the planned growth and modernization of Romania’s military, starting with the country’s SOF.

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Of course, modernization could mean many things and occur in a variety of functional areas. Fortunately, the GSF has made it easy for our Partners and interested organizations to see specific gaps that the Romanians are focused on. In January, we provided representatives from Romania’s SOF with a Capabilities Catalog–basically, a listing of potential technologies and services that they may need to support their efforts. Those representatives then prioritized those offerings into three categories–Critical, Essential, and Enhancing.

You can take a look at that prioritized catalog here.

If you have a capability that is listed as Critical, Essential, or even Enhancing, we highly recommend that you attend this Symposium. To showcase that capability, take advantage of the many Sponsorship and Exhibition opportunities listed in our Prospectus.  Last year in Vilnius the Lithuanian Minister of Defense visited every booth. We have high expectations for a similar response from senior government leaders this year.

This will also be an amazing networking opportunity.  We are already up to 10 countries that have confirmed government attendees, and we are expecting that to at least double. There are few gatherings of a truly global SOF community annually, and if you have any interest in Special Operations, you can’t afford to miss this event.

If you still aren’t sure if Romania is worth the trip, we’ve compiled a list of reasons that should compel you to reconsider:

  1. Romania is the logistics hub for NATO support to Afghanistan and all Black Sea operations.

  2. Romania’s defense budget has increased significantly since 2016.

  3. Romania is upgrading its Armed Forces to a Western-based structure, starting with SOF.

  4. Romania has provided the GSF with its capabilities requirements broken down into four categories: Critical, Essential, Enhancing and Not Needed. Find it on the event website to determine if your offerings are in high demand: Picture.jpg

  5. The symposium venue is in the national capital of Bucharest in the JW Marriott–a five-star hotel for which we have rates under $130 per night—during beautiful autumn weather.  That venue is located just 200 meters from the Romanian Ministry of Defense (shown right)

  6. Breaks and receptions will take place around the exhibits, which brings heavy “foot traffic.”

  7. This event is co-sponsored by the Romanian Minister of Defense (MOD) and Chief of Defense, who have invited decision-makers from countries in the Black Sea & Baltics regions.

  8. At the 2016 Global SOF Symposium – Europe in Vilnius, Lithuania, the MOD and his staff visited EVERY exhibit and spoke to the vendors.

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