Too much to do, too little time—that could be the theme of the Special Operations Industry Conference, or SOFIC, a conference that brings thousands of members of the defense industry and government to Tampa every year. 

If you’re attending this year’s event, your calendar is probably already double-booked in some spots between networking opportunities, speaking engagements, and capabilities meetings.

That’s why the Global SOF Foundation (GSF) is offering a Speed Networking session to its Corporate Partners.  It is the fastest way to hear from a variety of prestigious companies, put a face to that company, and determine if you have an interest in their capabilities. 

And we do mean speed.  Each participating GSF Corporate Partner gets a maximum of THREE minutes to tell you why and how their company is impacting the SOF community.  The “speedsters” that you will hear from represent the following companies:


KeyW Corp

Tactical Electronics

BAE Systems GXP

Klas Telecom

Tampa Microwave



Team Poseidon


Pinnacle Solutions


Crisis Response Company

Purple Shovel

World Wide Technology

Cubic Corp

R3 Strategic Solutions Group



Spatial Networks


In the past, this event has only been open to Corporate Partner companies, but we’ve opened the aperture for 2017 and are allowing GSF Members to be a part of the audience!   So don’t miss out on this opportunity, and stay afterwards to get an early start on the Annual GSF Tampa Reception (last year’s shown below).

The Skinny on  Speed Networking

Here’s a quick rundown on the event facts:

Monday, May 15, 2017
4 to 6 pm: Corporate Partner Speed Networking (Partners & Members Only)
6 to 7 pm: VIP Pre-Reception 
7 to 10 pm: Annual Tampa Reception

Location/Co-Host: Cruise Terminal 2 at Port Tampa Bay       


Register Today:  


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