Piotr Patalong Bio
Piotr Patalong Bio

MG Piotr PATALONG graduated from Land Force Military Academy in Wroclaw (1985), Academy of National Defense in Warsaw (1996), Royal Collage of Defense Studies in London (2009) as well as “NATO Operational Officers Course” at Royal Academy of Defense, the Netherlands (1996), and Postgraduate Strategic and Operational Studies at Academy of National Defense in Warsaw (2005).

He completed the following courses in the United States:

  • Ranger
  • Pathfinder
  • Airborne
  • Jumpmaster

He began his professional military service in the 12th Mechanized Division as a reconnaissance platoon commander. In this Division he held the following positions: special group commander in the 12th Special Company and after that he became special platoon commander in the 56th Special Company.

After graduating from the Strategic and Operational Postgraduate Studies at Academy of National Defense in Warsaw he was transferred to the 6th Airborne Brigade where he held position of a Senior S-2 Officer (department of reconnaissance).

From 1997 to 2002 he served in the 25th Air Cavalry Division (next 25th Air Cavalry Brigade) where he held the following positions:

  • Deputy Chief of Training Branch 25th Air Cavalry Division
  • Chief of Training Branch 1st Air Cavalry Battalion
  • Commander of  7th Air Cavalry Battalion

In January 2002 he returned to the 6th Airborne Brigade as a Commander of 18th Air Assault Battalion in Bielsko-Biała. 

In 2005 he became Commander of 1st Special Forces Regiment. Under his command 1st Special Forces Regiment conducted operations in Chad and Afghanistan. 

In June 2006 he held position of a Commander of Special Forces Unit GROM. The unit conducted the full spectrum of special operations during the stabilization missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From October 2008 he served as a Chief of Staff in Polish Special Forces Command (POLSOCOM). On 15th August 2010 the President of Poland appointed
Col Patalong the Commander of POLSOCOM. On 9th November he became
a Brigadier General. At this time Polish Special Forces Command and subordinate special units prepared intensively to achieve the status of a “framework nation” in the field of NATO Special Operations.

In November 2013 he ran the Special Operation Component Command (SOCC) exercise PUMA’ 13 based on POLSFOCOM and passed the national certification.

On 17th December 2013 President of Poland appointed BG Patalong Chief of Special Forces Inspectorate in General Command of Armed Forces. As a Chief of Special Forces Inspectorate he was responsible to obtain the NATO certification for  Polish lead SOCC which took responsibility for command and control of SOF within the NATO Response Force (NRF) in 2015. 

In the 15th August 2014 he was promoted to the rank of Major General.

MG Patalong participated three times in PMC (Polish Military Contingent) and held the positions of:

  • Operational Officer UNPROFOR, Croatia
  • Chief of Staff, Deputy Commander SFOR, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Battle Group Commander, Iraq
  • Unit Commander of forces deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chad, Pakistan, Kosovo.

He is awarded with many Polish, American and French medals, to include The United States Special Operations Command Medal.

Retired February 1 2018.

MG Piotr Patalong is a master class para-instructor and ski instructor.

Married to Barbara,  has two daughters and two sons.