Piotr Gastal Bio
Piotr Gastal Bio

Colonel Piotr Gastal was born in Tarczyn and raised in Warsaw, Poland.  He graduated from Warsaw Electronics High School in 1988 with a degree in Information Technology.
Colonel Gastal began his military service in January 1989 in compulsory service as SAM operator in the Polish Air Force. He volunteered to Special Missions Unit (CT) GROM in 1991. Colonel Gastal’s first assignment in SF was to the intelligence cell where he completed two tours as Intelligence Assistant Officer. In 1993 he was assigned to the Special Program Division to build and train the Special Boat Group in GROM.

In 1994 he was deployed to Haiti where he fulfilled Security Assistance to Gen. Mead, Operation “Uphold Democracy” Commanding Officer. 

In 1996 he transferred to Operations Cell, deployed with unit to United Nations Transitional Administrations in Eastern Slavonia in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia for fourteen months.

In March 1998 Colonel Gastal returned to Poland and was assigned to Combat Squadron “A” as Chief of Operations Cell. While in Warsaw he earned his Master’s degree in Political Science from Warsaw University.

In January 1999 he was deployed to Kosovo and conducted Personal Security Detail to Ambassador William Walker, head of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe mission in Kosovo. In 2000 he completed officer course at Polish Military Academy in Wroclaw and was promoted to the 2ND lieutenant.

In March 2003 Colonel Gastal completed Special Forces Officer Qualification Course at JFK Special Warfare Center and School, Fort Bragg, NC.

In September 2003 he was deployed to Iraq and was assigned as Executive Officer to the Polish Special Operations Group GROM in Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Arabian Peninsula where he conducted operations together with Navy Seal Team Seven and 5th  SFG. He returned to Poland in 2004 and was assigned to build FAC/JTAC group in the Unit. 

In 2005 he completed Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force Course at NATO School, Oberamergau, Germany.

In March 2008 Colonel Gastal graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA earning his Master’s degree in National Security Studies – Combating Terrorism Policy and Strategy. 

In 2010 he participated in Advance Special Operations Combating Terrorism Course at Joint Special Operations University, Tampa, FL. In 2014 he fulfilled Intelligence in Combating Terrorism Course at National Intelligence University, Washington, DC.

In September 2015 Colonel Gastal graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Defense Resources Management Institute – Defense Resources Management Course.

In July 2011 Colonel Gastal was appointed by the Minister of National Defence to the position of Commander Special Missions Unit (CT) GROM. In September 2016 he completed the command of the GROM. 

Throughout his service in Special Forces he participated I numerous trainings, workshops and exercises with partner nations in the United States, Europe and Africa.

Colonel Gastal provided advice to the following Polish leaders on defense and counterterrorism issues: Polish President, Minister of Defense, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Internal Security, Chief of National Police. Served as a guest speaker at numerous Polish universities.

Colonel Gastal retired from service in February 2018 and started Fights On Security Company as a CEO.

Colonel Gastal’s personal decorations received for his service, social work and international cooperation include the Polish Defense Meritorious Service, Cross of Merit for Bravery, Polish Order of Merit of the Police, the Polish state decoration Pro Patria Medal, honorary Badge of Merit for Polish Culture, Lithuanian Armed Forces Medal for Mutual Support  and on request of the United States Congress – the US flag.

Colonel Gastal possesses a master’s degree in karate. He is interested in history. He is married with two sons.