Partner Spotlight: General DynamicsEmpowering SOF Mission Readiness through Full Spectrum Capabilities and Global Partnerships

General Dynamics is a world leader in business aviation, combat vehicles, weapons systems and munitions, shipbuilding and information technology, networking communications solutions and specialty services and support. We provide innovative and tailorable solutions, trusted support and connect users within the global SOF enterprise. General Dynamics is a trusted provider for combat platforms, networking and information technology solutions, and specialty services to the Global SOF Network.

General Dynamics is proud to provide the following to the Global SOF Network:

Assured networking and information sharing solutions to NATO SOF Headquarters;
Range of specialty information services and networking technologies;
Global mission support network such as specialized training and logistics capabilities
Internally transportable and highly configurable family of light tactical vehicles.

ARMA/General Dynamics Combination:

ARMA Global, a subsidiary of General Dynamics, is designed to provide tailored and focused professional services support to SOF. The ARMA/General Dynamics combination delivers the best of both worlds to SOF; ARMA’s SOF focus, agility and proven performance throughout the SOCOM enterprise united with General Dynamics’ diverse and extensive background in delivering world-class products by designing and building everything from nuclear submarines to advanced C4 systems. Our responsive, qualified workforce supports and is aligned with SOF Vision 2020. Our team understands successful mission execution depends on our ability to fully integrate our workforce into cross-functional teams comprised of active duty military personnel, Department of Defense civilians, contractors and stakeholders. Our personnel are critical enablers who understand the importance of delivering reliable, mission-critical services to the deployed tactical edge.

Our Value to Partners:

Our partnership focus is simple, to partner with companies offering a complimentary range of products, goods and services across a wide base of mission critical solutions. From datacenter consolidation to global logistics management for foreign military sales, our broad portfolio allows simplification from a contracting and procurement perspective.

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