Partner Spotlight: EMCEMC empowers Federal agencies to use information for mission advantage. The EMC Federation of Companies focuses on converged infrastructure, cloud, Big Data, and trusted IT to deliver technology in a more cost-effective and agile way. Our solutions and services result in greater control, choice, and automation.

EMC II, Pivotal, RSA, VCE, and VMware form a unique Federation of strategically aligned businesses, each focused and free to execute individually or together. The Federation provides customer solutions and choice for the software-defined enterprise and the emerging “3rd platform” of mobile, cloud, Big Data, and social, transformed by billions of users and millions of apps.

EMC II is the leader in building virtual and information infrastructures to unleash the power of digital information. The Isilon Product Line is the world leader in storing and processing video, purpose built for speed and performance. Pivotal is the leader at the intersection of Big Data, Platform-as-a-Service, and agile development, leveraging big and fast data on a single, cloud-independent platform. RSA is the premier provider of security, risk, and compliance solutions to solve customers’ most complex security challenges. VCE is the industry leader in converged infrastructure and next-generation data center technologies, accelerating the customer journey to hybrid cloud. VMware is the most trusted virtualization for desktop, data center, and application virtualization.

The Federation leads the way in providing an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) that is completely virtualized and automated through software.  This EHC consists of both a private cloud and leverage public cloud offerings for those apps and data that can be housed there.  Organizations that have employed EHC have recognized up to 65% reduction in O&M costs for their IT departments.

The Federation Business Data Lake

EMC is fully leveraging the possibilities of the Hadoop Data Lake.  Through EMC II hardware and software, organizations can store anything and analyze everything, leading to tremendously increased intelligence.  Pivotal analytics on aircraft and engine sensors have provided vital information allowing predictive versus reactive maintenance for increased uptimes and fewer failures.

EMC invests in the customer.  Each year, EMC puts a substantial percentage of budget into R&D.  EMC will ensure your product remains operational and that we maintain the pace of technology.


Thomas A. Byrge, Jr.

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