Partner Spotlight: AnchorFreeAnchorFree is on a mission to provide secure and private access to the world’s information for every person on earth. With the proliferation of inexpensive smartphones, many of today’s 5 billion feature phone users will convert to internet users in the next 5 years. Most users of the AnchorFree Hotspot Shield app use the Freemium model and see strategic communication, news, surveys, videos and other broadcast content from our customers. This allows advertisers and researchers to reach and engage millions of users in interactive communication.

Our Value to Partners: AnchorFree provides its proprietary technology that enables Internet freedom (access), performance acceleration, privacy, and security for millions of Hotspot Shield users. The technology is packaged in a mobile SDK that is easy to integrate into any mobile application, enabling app developers to direct traffic across AnchorFree’s global secure server network, ensuring secure and private access to their application with no blocking.

Examples of Current Use Cases:

  • Unblocking applications in countries where they have been censored
  • Accelerating traffic from remote regions. AnchorFree’s proprietary technology acts like a client-server CDN, speeding access by as much as 2X
  • Wi-Fi security enabling encryption and secure routing of public Wi-Fi traffic via AnchorFree’s secure global server network


Dave Patterson, Vice President – Global Government

For more information about AnchorFree, visit

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