Partner Spotlight: AccentureAccenture LLP is a leading global professional services company, providing management consulting, technology and outsourcing services to over 4,000 clients across 40 industries in over 120 countries. Accenture Federal Services is a U.S. company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Accenture LLP whose 6,500 people, including over 300 veterans, support every cabinet level agency in achieving meaningful outcomes and high performance. Accenture is recognized as a leading service provider for the U.S. federal government – winning the 2015 Greater Washington Contractor of the Year Award.  Accenture is ranked within the Top 100 ‘Global Defense Companies’ as well as the Top 20 ‘Federal Contractors’ by DefenseNews and Washington Technology. Additionally, the Military Times ranked Accenture as one of “the best employers for Veterans.” Accenture made a commitment to hire 5,000 veterans and military spouses over the next five years, and launched programs to help the warfighter acquire new skills for today’s economy as exemplified by our Veteran Technology Training Program,   Our commitment to our nation’s veterans is just as strong as our commitment to helping our clients and the Department of Defense (DoD) solve their toughest challenges and accelerate their journey from ideas to outcomes. As the nature and complexity of defense is ever-changing, Accenture stands ready to assist in achieving the DoD’s strategic vision through innovation such as:

Digital Platform for MISO: 

  • Adapting techniques from commercial marketing can provide the DoD and its global partners with a competitive edge in the global competition for strategic information and influence. As one of the world’s largest commercial marketing firms, Accenture realizes the opportunity to augment the DoD’s Military Information Support Operations (MISO) activities and capabilities with analytics and digital enablers custom tailored to specific operational conditions. Analytics strategies such as segmentation analysis, multi-channel attribution, and behavioral studies can facilitate the identification and vetting of key target audiences for tailored campaigns. Digital drivers, social media, mobile applications, and multi-media production can further amplify the reach and impact of messaging.

Readiness – Force of the Future: 

  • To align with Secretary Carter’s vision to build the ‘Force of the Future’, the Department of Defense must maintain its competitive edge and recruit the top talent to serve the nation. Accenture can help the DoD by utilizing its vast background, particularly in digital services and system and talent management to ensure the DoD receives the cutting edge technological solutions for its most complex problems.

​Accenture as trusted advisors to government agencies, committed to solving their most complex challenges. We work closely with all of the DoD military departments, many Defense Agencies, such as the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), as well as several Intelligence Agencies. Our rich heritage in Consulting and Technology services has brought forward solutions that are innovative yet practical, and tailored to the idiosyncratic nature of each agency or department. For example, Accenture has partnered with the Army National Guard to help address one of the most important issues facing the warfighter today – their health and wellness. Together, we established a wellness resource program that connects Guardsmen and Guardswomen with resources in their communities for substance abuse, suicide prevention, and sexual harassment aid. We have also implemented an enterprise-wide technology solution for the Army, streamlining processes and enabling the workforce to operate with the latest tools.

Through the integrated solutions offered by our Strategy, Consulting, and Operations practices, Accenture has become a leader in supply-chain optimization for the military. We have partnered with the DLA for over a decade, and have helped them save hundreds of millions of dollars through improved sourcing, procurement, and inventory management. Our analytics team has developed advanced models and algorithms to assist DLA’s procurement specialists in identifying high-risk items in an effort to mitigate over-pricing instances or fraudulent products. Our operations team has helped the military create new capabilities to improve performance, reduce cost, and drive efficiency. For example, we designed and delivered value-led transformation programs at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels in our work with the US Army Field Support Brigade (AFSB), helping to improve its first pass yield rate for tracked vehicles from 62% to 98%. Meanwhile, our work at the Navy SEAFAC has saved millions of dollars, increased maintenance and repair throughput by 32%, and reduced turnaround time by almost 40%.

Accenture not only has the knowledge and requisite experience, but is also committed to continuing to assist the DoD in strengthening its support to the warfighter. Our goal is to help solve the toughest problems and provide innovative yet practical solutions amid today’s constrained fiscal environment and geopolitical uncertainty.


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