People with similar backgrounds and interests often gravitate toward one another, reflecting and moving forward on their shared experiences.  While such groups can have tremendous accomplishments, ground-breaking movements are more likely to come from teams formed from more diverse “ecosystems.” For this reason, the Global SOF Foundation (GSF) sees the value in welcoming any interested participants and doesn’t limit membership to only current or former Special Operations Forces (SOF).  Members range from SOF spouses to entrepreneurs, Spanish SOF officers to weapons consultants, Explosive Ordnance Disposal operators to computer programmers.

The GSF’s Board of Directors reflects that diversity, and is proud to welcome three new representatives—and in that, three new ecosystems.

New Members Join GSF’s Board of Directors

Peter Bergen.  Considered “one of America’s most prominent terrorism experts,” Peter is an accomplished journalist, documentary producer, author, and educator.  His unique experiences researching and covering the military and terrorism include a historic 1997 interview with Osama Bin Laden.  His passion for the field led him to the GSF in the form of a documentary.

In 2013, Special Forces Colonel Stu Bradin met with Peter to pitch the development of a documentary about Army Special Forces in Afghanistan immediately following the attacks of September 11th.  As Peter produced the documentary—titled Legion of Brothers—and Stu went on to retire and form the GSF, the two stayed connected.  Peter grew to be a vocal advocate of the GSF, and that relationship was made official in 2017 with his formal placement as the Chairman of the GSF Board of Directors.  Peter is also the Vice President of the think tank New America, which will be a co-sponsor of the GSF’s upcoming National Capital Region Seminar and Reception in November 2017.

New Members Join GSF’s Board of Directors

Lori Larsen.  Larsen brings in a combination of mental and physical athleticism; she was raised as a Pentathlon competitor, served as an intelligence officer in the US Army, and is now the Chief Strategy Officer at Celestar Corporation, a Small Business Partner of the GSF. Lori became active in the GSF through Celestar’s partnership, and it became clear that her devotion to the Special Operations community runs deep, as does her involvement in the Tampa business community.  Her willingness to volunteer her time, ideas, and ability to think strategically about the big picture make her a stellar addition to this GSF team.

New Members Join GSF’s Board of Directors

Brian Goodwin.  A veteran of the US Navy, Brian dedicated over 25 years of his life to his military service and rose to the rank of Captain—a testament to his leadership skills and technical experience.  In his final active duty station, Brian worked as the Director of Logistics for US Special Operations Command.  After retiring, he was hired by the engineering firm Parsons, through which he was placed on several GSF committees.  Not one to be a wallflower, Brian took an active role in those groups, naturally leading conversations toward impactful resolutions.  His above-and-beyond participation in the GSF led to his selection to the Board of Directors, where his unique ideas, positive energy, and military experience will have a driving force on the future of the GSF.

With an already robust Advisory Council, the GSF gains greater reach, capability, experience, and understanding through the addition of these three individuals—and their extensive ecosystems—to its Board of Directors.

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