Colonel (R) Magne Roedahl 
Private Consultant & retired officer  
Special Operations – Norwegian Defense Forces  
Date: 1st December 2020


Magne Roedahl Bio

COL Magne Roedahl retired August 1st 2020 after 41 years of military service in the  Norwegian Defense Forces. His last assignment was in the Defense Attachés Office at the  Norwegian Embassy in Washington DC as Military Attaché & Assistant Defence Attaché for ARMY, USMC, National Guard & US Special Forces.  

COL Roedahl is originally an infantry officer with experience from the NOR-RUS border  (1986-89) and deployment to UNIFIL (1982-83). He joined the national Special Forces in  1988 – where he has stayed to date with short tours to the Military Academy and General  

Command & Staff College as an instructor and Graduate of Royal Norwegian General  Staff College & Defence University – Main, General & Advanced Courses. He has  participated in special operations deployments and SOF staff service to operations in  Lebanon (UNIFIL1982-83), Bosnia (IFOR 1996/98-SFOR 2000), Macedonia, Kosovo  (1998-99), Gaza/Egypt (MFO 2000-2001) and Afghanistan (OEF & SOFFC 2001-2010). He served with the NATO Special Operations Coordination Center (NSCC) since its  inception in early 2007 as “Deputy Director for Implementation” in Stuttgart, and Deputy  Chief of Staff for Operations (DCOS OPS) after their move to SHAPE – and the transition  to NSHQ. After completing his service at NATO Special Operations Forces Headquarters  (NSHQ) in Mons Belgium August 2011 – he served at Strategic level in Oslo supporting  the formation of the Norwegian Special Operations Command (NORSOCOM) 

Of previous assignments of note COL Roedahl has been Chief Coordinator for Military  Assistance & Capacity Building at NORSOCOM in the National Defence Staff and MoD  to include CAPBUILD support to Georgia (JTEC), Deputy & Chief of Staff  NORSOCOM, and had several positions at NORSOCOM at strategic, operational, and  tactical levels in national and International HQs. He has been Commander National MCT  unit, and Deputy Commander of the Norwegian Army Special Operations Command.

Magne Roedahl Bio