In a society where we are often measured by how busy we are, it’s sometimes hard to do something for yourself.   But in the words of Albert Einstein, who is largely agreed to be quite intelligent, “all that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.”

There are many ways to develop yourself as an individual—whether personally or for business—and we like to think that one of those ways is through membership with the Global SOF Foundation.

When we are actively employed, it’s hard to put time into networking, volunteering, or exploring business opportunities.  But staying informed and tied to your communities of interest is imperative to career progression.  The below is a sampling of how a GSF membership will help you maintain—and enhance–your connections to the SOF community.

Good things come in threes

Since we know that you truly are busy, and that renewing an annual membership can be a tedious item on your checklist, we’ve added a new membership option that will save you both time and money: a 3-year membership for just $50.  That goes beyond the $25 for an annual membership but not quite as far as the $500 for a lifetime membership.

AS ALWAYS, Active Duty Military and Police may join annually FOR FREE.  Don’t wait till the last minute to prepare for your post-active duty career.  Take advantage of this free membership now to help you posture for your next big step.

As the Foundation grows, we are limiting more and more of our offerings to just our Corporate Partners and Individual Members.  Don’t get caught on the wrong side of the velvet rope…

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